Chicoryor scientifically called as Cichorium intybus is A herbaceous plant that belongs to dandelion family Asteraceae.  It is a flowering plant that is commonly characterized by a tough, hairy stem, light purple flowers and leaves that are commonly used in salads. It is the roots of the chicory plant that are ground and made into a powder to blend and mix with coffee to enhance the coffee flavor. An extract from chicory root, has also been used in food manufacturing as a sweetener and source of dietary fiber. When chicory root is roasted it has same aroma as coffee however chicory does not have any caffeine. Chicory itself is consumed as a drink in many parts of the world because of its woody semi sweet and rich caramel flavor and pleasant taste.


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Chicory mixed coffee is consumed across the globe. It is often used as a caffeine free coffee substitute due to its resemblance IN color and aroma to coffee.  The perfect blend of chicory to coffee enhances coffee taste and aroma by imparting a slightly woody and nutty taste to the coffee. Chicory blend coffee is also economical when compared to 100 percent coffee. 100 percent single estate coffee beans are expensive, hence in many parts of the world coffee is blend with chicory to make it more economical. The fact that chicory blend coffee has lesser caffeine when compared to 100 percent coffee makes it even more popular.


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Chicory root is a good source of a prebiotic fiber called inulin which aids in weight loss and improves gut health. Some studies also reveal that regular consumption of chicory in limited quantities might also lower the blood sugar. Chicory is also a source of nutrients such as Manganese, Vitamin B6, Potassium, Phosphorus, and vitamin C, hence might aid in brain health and possess anti-inflammatory properties. In India most of the instant coffees are chicory blends, while the percentage and the blend vary from brand to brand its wise for people to check for the chicory percentage on their coffee labels before, they purchase.


Though 100 percent single estate Arabica coffee is a luxury that everyone tends to enjoy and appreciate, Chicory blend coffee on the other hand is an economical and healthy alternate to 100 percent coffee that is equally popular. Please let us know what your preference for a perfect cup of coffee is in the comments below.

You can purchase ground chicory coffee online or in grocery stores. You may see coffee/chicory combinations or pure ground chicory. Both are prepared the same way that you would prepare ground coffee. Chicory in one way is good for health when taken in correct portions not adequate.

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