All About High Tea

It’s a great way to spend a quality time with friends and family.

While this high tea is also referred as Afternoon Tea in many places, which most of us assume are one and the same. Afternoon tea is a British tradition where people sit down for a treat of tea, sandwich, scones and a cake. This is usually served around 4pm and to reduce the long gap between lunch and dinner. This is light when compared to high tea

High tea is a working-class family evening meal or supper. It consists of calorie rich dishes and its served after the working class come home from work. Instead of small crustless finger sandwiches, high tea consists of meat dishes, potatoes, and other heavy dishes. It is meant to nourish the body after a long day at work. High tea unlike an afternoon tea include some hot food, such as a cheese on toast or other savory goodies.

High tea has now slowly peeped into several parts of the world, including the high society culture of urban Indian elites. The 4-5pm tradition of British aristocrats has now slowly overlapped with the Indian concept of evening chai with biscuits. It has gained popularity since one needs to munch on something to get going till the dinner. Now that many people showcase High tea as a symbol of the style, luxury and a socializing event with family and friends, let’s get in to details of how to host a fabulous Hi Tea event.

Cake stand : the cake stand is the center piece of the event, hence its important for us to understand  how one needs to place the cake stand, the number of tiers required  and what’s going inside each tier of the stand. Let’s not over load each tier. We can place once tier with Mini cakes, next with scones, next chai Biscutti. We can reload the items whenever is required.

Menu : Deciding the menu for an event which is complicated. We must understand High tea is not a usual replacement to dinner. We can have mini cold sandwich, puff, pastry, butterscotch cookies, Matcha green tea macaroons, Banana tea cake, Tarts, scones, Deviled eggs. Some people prefer to place iced teas and few more mocktails to add in the menu keeping the interest of their guests.

Actual Tea: Traditionally all Hi Teas include milk Tea. There are many options available in the market to choose from. The wrong choice of tea or the wrong time of consuming tea might cause acidity in some people, hence it’s important that we understand the difference between Morning Tea and afternoon tea. Luckily now we have multiple tea variants such as Tisane, green teas and floral, fruit blends that can be consumed at any time of the day.

Now that we know how High tea can be organized, let us start inviting friends to have a chat over a lovely cup of Tea.

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