Why Tea as gift ?

Tea is a Perfect gift for all reasons and seasons.

Tea is an extremely versatile beverage which has many characteristics. But let’s restrict our topic and compile the reasons for gifting tea to your loved and dear ones.

Let’s get started with Taste, which is very important and if it doesn’t taste good, we wouldn’t prefer it later. Although taste is something that is all about personal preferences there are many variants to choose from like strong, light, aromatic, subtle, fruity, floral and plain Teas. Every tea has got its own style, texture, aroma and taste to impress our pallet. Tea can be had multiple times of a day. Luckily tea taste great when brewed both hot and cold and is also now a secret ingredient of many fancy drinks.

Tea is healthy, Tea tastes great in cold and hot form. It has very minimal calories. can we just say it’s a great substitute for soda, any energy drink or high calorie beverages? So instead of choosing a high calorie snack why not choose tea which has great taste and works best for us. Everyone can overcome their sweet cravings with the choice of seasonal fruit, floral and berry teas available in the market.

Tea is convenient, it is as easy as carrying water with us. Just place the tea bag or loose tea in the bottle and allow it to brew for 2-3 minutes and we are ready to go. It is one of the best on the go drink we can opt for at work, college and travel.

Teas is variety – your cup of tea can never be boring with the wide variety of blends and range available in the market. It is said that there are more than 20000 varieties of teas available with the variations in scent, flavor, color and texture. One should check how many they have tasted and realize that there are many more options to explore. The choice ranges from choosing traditional milk tea to modern days fruit and floral blends.

Tea is customizable, if one likes to experiment around or have a clear vision of how their tea should exactly taste, they can create their own blends. The options are limitless, and the blends can be as creative as possible.

Tea is versatile.  Tea is the only beverage that can help you wake up to refreshing mornings, give you a perfect afternoon boost at work, help you wind up and relax in the evenings, and then help you
fall asleep at night. There is a tea for every mood. Tea is very healthy option for losing weight to Detox your body and can also help boost immunity.

As you can see tea is truly remarkable and makes a thoughtful and caring gift to your dear ones, friends, family, colleagues and guests on special occasions.

So, it’s the perfect time to gift Tea to your loved ones.

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